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Lint Alert Dryer Vent Monitor In St. Louis And Surrounding Areas

Lint Alert is a dryer vent clog detection device that alarms you when your dryer vent is clogged. When a dryer vent becomes clogged, it can cause a real fire hazard. Lint Alert alarms you long before it gets to a dangerous point so you can get your vent cleaned at the appropriate time. Lint Alert gives you the peace of mind that your family is safe each and every time you run your dryer.

Why Do You Need Lint Alert?

Clogged dryer vents cause over 14000 fire cases in the U.S. annually. Lint Alert monitors your dryer vent for you to make sure your home and business don’t fall victim to a clogged dryer vent fire.

You may be thinking that You clean your vent every year so why would I need a lint alert? Yes if you clean your vent every year so there shouldn’t be any problem but things don’t always go as expected. Let’s say, after 3 months of vent cleaning a bird decided to build a nest in your dryer vent. Now you have a clogged dryer vent that can cause potential fire hazards and high electricity costs. If you install Lint Alert, you would know as soon as this unexpected clog occurred and you can clean it out so that you can prevent dryer vent clogging.

How Does It Work?

While it may be obvious that dryer exhaust problems will increase your utility bills, it’s important to know they also create a very real fire hazard. The U.S. Fire Administration reports more than 15,000 dryer fires every year. Today, you can protect your home and family from that threat.Back Pressure in your dryer’s exhaust system is always changing. Over time, it increases because of lint buildup, crushees hoses, damages vent hood, and often animal nests. The LintAlert® works to protect you by continually monitoring airflow and showing the exact pressure in the exhaust system.

Common Causes of Dangerous Airflow Restriction

Normal Lint Buildup in the Dryer Duct
Kinked or Crushed Dryer Connection Hoses
Blockage of the Dryer Vent Hood

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Lint Alert
Lint Alert


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