Commercial High Dusting

Popular Construction:
Architects have popularized the open ceiling concept in a wide variety of commercial properties from retail clothing outlets to grocery stores. While this style of construction has a certain visual appeal, the HVAC tubes, conduits and structural components collect a considerable amount of dust. The accumulated dust may present an eyesore to both store management and customers.

Shortcomings of Open Architecture Ceilings:
The foremost opponent of the exposed open structure of this type of ceiling is gravity. After a certain period of time the accumulated dust, cobwebs and sundry airborne things will gain sufficient mass that it will fall to the floor. Certain grocery stores have expanded their food offerings with cafeteria type food displays. Should a large dust bunny fall into a food tray it would certainly make lunch less appetizing. The health aspect of performing high dusting has its advantages.

The health attribute is something that cannot be ignored. Many health clubs embrace the open architecture for its aesthetic attraction, but the ceiling could very well harbor certain allergens that could adversely affect their patrons. Elimination of these possible respiratory particles should be high priority. During a cleaning of the open ceiling of a health club, the members of the club approached our cleaning crew and thanked them for performing the cleaning. Some members also thanked the club employees. Management certainly took notice.

Types of Businesses That Benefit From High Dusting

Although several types of business were mentioned above, many businesses could benefit from high dusting. Among these are:
* Restaurants
* Retail Stores
* Wholesale Operations
* Warehouses
* Machine Shops
* Milling Shops
* Grocery Stores
* Health Clubs
* Bottling Plants
* Repair Shop
* Airports
* Casinos
* Medical Building

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